Life Insurance Overview

What sort of protection have you provided for your loved ones in the event of your death? For many people, purchasing life insurance offers an excellent option. We at Flaherty Insurance Group help our customers determine whether life insurance is a reasonable solution for them. If that seems to be the case, we then help them determine what sort of life insurance might best suit their needs.

Basically, life insurance is a contract between you (the insured) and an insurance company. It stipulates that following your death a predetermined sum of money (called a “death benefit”) will be paid to your designated beneficiaries.

The primary goal for most insureds is to see that some money is set aside to cover their funeral expenses, everyday bills, and income. Their hope, by all accounts, is to pass some money on to their surviving loved ones or business partners so they can carry on as much as possible without undue financial hardship. It helps that life insurance pays beneficiaries a tax free benefit. How much? Well, benefits can range anywhere from $2,000 on up to 10 million, depending on the carrier and what the insured thinks is needed.

No wonder then, many of insureds seem to regard life insurance as a sort of security; something that can bring peace of mind in some measure for themselves and those they leave behind. Wouldn’t you rest easier knowing you provided your family or business the funds to continue without you around for financial support?

There are several sorts of life insurance you can purchase, all of which are available to our customers:

Don’t worry. Our insurance agents will carefully explain what each type entails and what it may be able to do for you. Then we’ll help you pick the life insurance option that seems best to fit your needs
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