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Could you use some help understanding Medicare?  Well, You are certainly not alone.
Please let one of our trusted, local agents help YOU navigate through the Medicare Process of Eligibility and Enrollment. We will provide you with Free Honest Info & Competing Quotes with just a simple call or email.

When it comes to Medicare and all of the programs available, there is a lot to know, and the Medicare landscape is often confusing. The plan benefits and premiums change every year, and it seems like the rules do too. You might be wondering, “should I keep original Medicare, and add a Supplement, and a Part D, or cover all those things with Part C, otherwise known as a Medicare Advantage Plan.”

FIG will take the guess work out Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Hospital Indemnity plans and find a plan tailored to fit your needs and save you money. FIG will be here for you after you choose your plan, as your trusted advisors, should you have questions throughout the year.

With all the possible savings and choices, you owe it to yourself to speak with a licensed expert who can help you pick the right plan for your lifestyle. If you are on Medicare now, and have a plan, or if you are turning 65, please call for a quick, free consultation today.

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