Whole Life Insurance

Our insurance agents can talk you through the “ins and outs” of whole life insurance and help you select a whole life policy that best suits your needs. They’re nearby, too – right here in Connecticut and Charleston, SC. So their counsel can be as timely as it is neighborly!

Whole life is considered by many to be a “permanent” type of life insurance. That’s because most types of whole life do indeed cover you your whole life, provided you continue to pay the premiums every year. Many people seem to find reassurance in the relative stability of whole life premiums and benefits. With what appears to be the most popular type of whole life insurance, you’ll pay the same premium amount each year, for as long as you live or in some cases until the contract reaches maturity.

You may take comfort in knowing that whole life insurance is recognized for building cash value. Some people regard this type of policy as an accessible cash reserve. Whatever the cash value of your whole life policy, you can borrow money against it. Keep in mind, however, that any amount not paid back will lessen the death benefit by the loan amount plus fees.

Let’s sit down and talk about whether whole life insurance is the way for you to go. We’re here to help you, wherever you are in the Connecticut or the Charleston area. Just contact Flaherty Insurance Group.

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